13 Quick Tips to Improve Your Web Design Skills

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1) Design in shades of gray, and then add color

If your web designer creates wireframes prior to illustration designs, then you know the value of starting with shades of gray.  Turn your wireframe into a grayscale visual drawing, add your photography, and then carefully add color to design elements one at a time.

2) Use Keynote (Mac) to create rapid page prototypes

You don’t need Photoshop to make rapid prototypes of web pages, landing pages, call to proceedings or other web interface elements.  There’s an entire underground movement around using Keynote to create mockups.

3)    Bury those social media icon

You did all that work to get people to your website, and yet you’re inviting them to depart? That’s what you’re doing when you place social media icons in a prominent location of your website, like in the header. Bury the icon in the footer.

4)  Add web fonts to your corporate style guide

If you haven’t looked into this yet, Google Fonts is a great place to begin. Find a suitable web font and define usage in your corporate style guide so you use it always online.

5) Ditch the slideshow/carousel

When the homepage slideshow/image carousel came into style, it was a way to get lots of information on the first page of your website.


6) Simplify navigation

Reducing your visitors’ option might seem counter intuitive, but it can actually help guide people to your most creative content. Rather than overwhelming your website visitors with links to every page, simplify your navigation.

7) Remove sidebars

The sidebar has been an especially popular web design trend for the last ten years, especially on blogs.

8) Get color inspiration from nature

Struggling to find the perfect color combination for your website or a term to action graphic? Get your inspiration from nature.

9) Step away from the computer

I believe that good design starts with big planning. Getting your ideas down on paper or on a whiteboard can help you iterate through a design, cleansing it and adding detail as you go along.



10) Use Pinterest to make mood boards

Did you know that you can use Pinterest to form a mood board of your favorite images, colors, layouts, patterns, sample websites and concept material? Another great benefit of using Pinterest is that other designers create and share mood boards too.

11) Increase your font size

Typography is incredibly significant in web design. Text is hard enough to read on a computer screen, so you have to make the imperative things stand out.

12) Use white space

It may be hard to believe that using whitespace is a hack, but I evaluate websites daily that could use more whitespace. Not every blank area of the screen needs to be filled.

13) Use the squint test

Want a quick way to learn what’s most prominent on your website? Back away from your computer monitor and squint.  Most everything will become blurry, and only the larger, colorful, more prominent features will be noticeable.…

Website Design Tips

2016-06-25-1466835058-3172856-DKCWebDesignBannerWebsite management is critical work. Its importance can be accessed from the simple fact that a business can no longer succeed if it does not have an appropriate website to support the brand. So where does this leave those entrepreneurs that operate on relatively small budgets and cannot afford the comprehensive services offered by any SEO company? Is it possible to manage ones product or service website without outside help?

Guide to Website Management

Website-Management-Support-Manager-Help-Assistance-Advice-Technical-Guide-AssistantWebsites hold the same importance for a business as a business card does for an individual. Therefore, one needs to spend quality time managing and promoting their website. It is not a work that can either be overlooked of left for some other day.

  • Take Permission Before Reproducing Work – if whatever you are publishing is not your original work but, that of somebody else then, make sure you take their permission before reproducing it in any form. This will save you from the clutches of legal repercussions that you might otherwise face. These days the Copyright Act is very stringent in all countries and cities and hence Melbourne is no exception to the rule.
  • Seek Professional Help When Unsure – when you are unsure of what to display and whether it would break any laws or rules and regulations then, seek help from SEO professionals or website development professionals. These people are more informed in such matters and can guide you accordingly for a small fee. In the long run, their help will save you from any future lawsuits.Web-Developer-Tips
  • Use Disclaimers Judiciously – when you post a review or allow a company to advertise is product on your website then, make sure to post a disclaimer stating that you neither endorse the same, nor are you associated with it in any form. A disclaimer needs to be displayed clearly and prominently for it to be effective.
  • Update Data Regularly – websites are all about information and data. So, any and every change needs to be promptly updated so that the website is an accurate reflection of the true picture. Delays in updating data will create chaos and ill will between the brand and its customers.
  • Watch The Links – links tend to join your website to other websites. Hence, you need to monitor all such links. In fact, to prevent any future legal hassles take approval of a qualified and registered web designer regarding the linking of your website. Again, this can be achieved with nominal expense.perfect-website-design-tips
  • Keep Firewalls Up To Date – firewalls prevent unauthorized access to ones website. This way your website will be relatively safe from hacking and also prevent miscreants from leaving behind viruses that can derail all your hard work.

In Melbourne, Australia you can find the exact nature of web development help that is custom made to fit your requirements and budget. You need not worry about lacking the funds to do your website complete justice.

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